Vegan Life

Eating out as a Vegan

This past week we asked vegans from all over the country to give us their input on how they live their best vegan life. We asked them a range of questions that would help us determine how simple or difficult it can be as a vegan.
We got responses from people all over the country ranging from California all the way to New York. The detailed list of where they are from is below:
  • Los Angeles, California
  • San Francisco, California
  • Austin, Texas
  • New York City, New York
  • Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Portland, Oregon
Finding vegan restaurants nearby can be difficult, especially when the options nearby are limited.  51% of people reported that they know less than 10 places in their area that have vegan options. 49% of people knew of more than 10 places that have vegan options but know fewer vegan restaurants. This is a problem that we want to solve at Yumaroo.

 We want to help you find pure vegan restaurants along with vegan options so you can eat out with your friends. People reported that 43% of their friends are vegan, which allows them to go out to eat at vegan restaurants but difficult to eat with people with different dietary preferences such as gluten-free, vegetarian, pescatarian, or any others. Currently vegan people are finding restaurants using Google, Yelp, and Happy Cow which shows them all their options but still doesn't always show vegan restaurants. We are working hard to change that, we want to help you find all the vegan meals and vegan restaurants on our app! Check us out at to see what we are up to! The other results are shown below.
Forms response chart. Question title: Why do you not write reviews more often? (check all that apply). Number of responses: 51 responses.

We wondered how difficult it can be for vegans to find somewhere to eat. 45% of people said that it is moderately difficult for them to find somewhere to eat. 
Forms response chart. Question title: When you go out with people who are not vegan, how difficult is it for you to find somewhere for all of you to eat?. Number of responses: 51 responses.

We asked how long it usually takes for people to find somewhere or something to eat and majority people said 10-20 minutes which relates back to the blog we wrote last week. You can check it out here. The average person usually takes 20 minutes to find somewhere to eat. 
We are working on creating the best app that would help solve all needs for people with dietary preferences. If you have any feedback for what you are looking for in a vegan app or dietary preferences app- contact us! We would love your feedback.